The Man from Another Place #5: Quatermass and the Pit (1958/9)

The BBC has decided that now is the moment to put an old TV series about negative outside influence, racism, uncomfortable truths, incompetent government, and large-scale social unrest on iPlayer.

“I think it’s the will of the people.”

Never mind about genre, the BBC serial Quatermass and the Pit is one of the finest pieces of television ever made and you can watch it here.

Q&TP - iP
Legally too.

Coincidentally, Howard Ingham asked me to write a piece on this production for the Urban Wyrd strand of his Room 207 blog, and you can read that here. It will also appear in his forthcoming book, On A Thousand Walls.

Howard’s We Don’t Go Back – A Watcher’s Guide to Folk Horror (featuring a couple of essays by me) is now available on Kindle via Amazon and you can buy that here. It will also be out in print in a few weeks.

Unless of course this becomes their second dead planet.



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